7 Years and 3 Kids Later

For the second time and much to my husbands delight, we attended this weekends Florida Airshow. The first time we went we were a family of 4 and this time, a family of 7. It’s crazy to think about how different our lives are now compared to then. I’m also pretty sure the workout was about 3 times as much as it was 7 years ago.
We had a blast though and saw some of the most fascinating stunts and tricks. I often wonder how they practice these things. Six Blue Angel jets, costing over 28 million a peice, oh, you know flying less than 18 inches away from one another, going over 400 mph. Hmm..maybe we’re not so crazy ourselves. Anyway, they were absolutely awesome, as were all of the other jets and planes. I secretly also loved it because Jonah was pretty terrified of the loud noise so he was extra cuddly and didn’t want to leave our arms most of the day.
For the most part, all of the kids had fun yesterday. Kyla wasn’t too thrilled about the day in general, as I’m sure she would rather have been shopping or doing the typical things a 5 year old girl does. However, when she coincidently ran into her “boyfriend” (…same boy from preschool that she has been in love with for over 1.5 years…), her mood instantly changed. Sean and Kevin had fun checking out all the vendors and hanging out with each other. Now that Sean has a super cool cell phone, he also has a little bit of independence, so Kevin and him did their own thing for much of the day. This is why there are such few pictures of them, but I promise they were there! Without further ado….some pics from the day!

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