A Sweeeeet Weekend

I LOVE my family and I LOVE nothing better than spending a whole weekend with them. I really do think I have the best family is whole world. 😉 Saturday was spent with my hubby and our 5 kids just shopping, hanging out and spending time together. I know it sounds weird, but I feel we rarely get these moments anymore. So often, it is much easier for me to just take one kid and run to the store, and since the two little boys came along I feel our family outings have definitely changed. We had a great time though, with plenty of laughs and tons of love. I love my kids and seriously, the make each day brighter, happier and fuller.

Sunday we totally took the morning off, besides a bit of cleaning here and there. After lunch, my sister and I met with a potential client who is awesome and has such a beautiful wedding planned. Then, my sister and I made a trip down to Ave Maria University, where my dad recently signed on to be the new golf coach. We are so excited for him. Okay, and the school/town is AMAZING. Seriously, any takers for a wedding in that church? I’d pretty much die to shoot there. 😉 Tonight, my wonderful mother took the three older kids for a sleepover tonight while my dad stayed at my house and watched the younger boys while my hubby, sister and I went to Moe’s (YUM) and to see My Sister’s Keeper. Movie was a tearjerker. Seriously. However, it was such a great dose of reality of people’s lives around the world and the daily dealings of cancer (HATE that word.). Anyway, a great movie that will make you appreciate all life has to offer.

Now it’s midnight and I have two little boys up for a midnight snack…oh, the life of a mom!!!

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