I hate, despise, detest, loathe, dislike (get the idea?) change. I like everything to always stay the same, from my daily routine, to the furniture in my house, from the age of my kids to my relationship and friendships. So, to say the least I’m pretty predictable, and quite frankly, I’m totally okay with that. However, with photography, it’s a totally different story. I must say one of my favorite things about photography are it’s ever-changing methods, styles, ideas and trends.  There’s always room for learning and growth, which in turn, usually stems from change. Obviously, the way I shoot a wedding now is different that the first time I did it and I find great joy in comparing my growth from then to now. It’s amazing what practice, time, dedication, determination, reading and more practicing can do. One of these days, I will post the first wedding I did, and although it really isn’t as bad as I think, I love critiquing my work. One of the main reasons for the change though is my confidence in leading and taking charge when working with the bride and groom. Usually if I am confident in a particular pose, I can easily give them instant confidence in front of the camera, in turn, giving me a well produced image. With that’s a few Tuesday Tips for anyone in front of the lens.

* Make sure you pick a photographer you match with. A photographer could have the greatest work, but if you don’t love being around them or find them fun and enjoyable, it can really create for a difficult day. You’re spending all day with this person, make sure you can connect and be around them for hours.

* Don’t be afraid to laugh- unless I tell you not to. There’s something so sweet about seeing someone laugh compared to a simple smile. (Say that 5 times fast!) Truly, when editing a wedding, the pictures with the bride laughing are truly worth (oh, I am going there.) a thousand words.

* Be confident. You’re beautiful and girl, on your wedding day, flaunt every bit of it. Your confidence will be visible in the pictures.

* Don’t stand even with the camera. Don’t be afraid to put a foot forward and throw your hand up on your hip. I love a little bit of attitude and most importantly, it creates for a more dramatic photograph.

* Practice smiling in front of the mirror. Cheesy, yes, but it works! Find your best smile!! 🙂

* Don’t be afraid to ignore me and the camera because I love when you do. Some of the greatest pictures during a bride/groom session are those that are unplanned and natural.

* RELAX and HAVE FUN! Seriously, the more comfortable and relaxed, the better the picture.

Happy Tuesday! I leave you with one of my favorites from ’09.

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