{Oh, Why Not…}

It’s been awhile, and I really love lists, so I figured why not tell ya about the things I’m digging and the things that are making me say “enough already”!

* My blog. Cliche, yes, but oh so true! I’ve worked so hard the past few weeks getting it to where I am content. Plus, having a nicer blog makes me want to write more. 🙂
* My kids. They are at such fun, and hold your breath, easy ages. I’m simply having a blast with them doing the most basic things.
* TV!!!! Beyond excited Biggest Loser, American Idol and The Bachelor are all back on!! Yes, after 10 years, I still am a reality TV junkie.
* My front porch rocking chairs. It’s so peaceful to sit and rock on them with my hubby after a long day/night with the kids. Preferably with a hot chocolate or coffee in hand.
* JCrew. I just adore their clothes and always feel so put together when wearing their stuff, which makes me smile.
* My friends. They’re the best.

* My grass. It has all been shocked by this insane cold weather and it makes me so sad to pull up and see brown grass. 🙁 Hopefully, it will bounce right back in a few weeks.
* My laptop. It officially died the other day which is pretty sad. However, a new iMac is on it’s way, which thrills me!
* My best friend, Ali, (remember her darling kids?) is most likely moving to NJ. Absolutely crushes me knowing we will hardly be able to see each other. 🙁

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