To Infinity and Beyond.

My littlest man, Jonah (or JQ as we have started calling him), has been so excited about Halloween this year. He’s 3 and I’m pretty sure this is the first year he understands the process a dressing up and saying trick or treat, with the end result being lots of candy in his basket. He definitely participated last year, although I don’t think he said a word as he just followed in his brothers and sisters’ footsteps.

Anyway, we bought his costume weeks and weeks ago and we’ve had it sitting in the box on a high shelf ever since. Until yesterday. He chose to be Buzz Lightyear, as he’s probably the biggest 3-year-old Toy Story freak in the area. It’s on replay on our TV pretty much all day long. God forbid anyone else want to watch a movie or show, because they will pretty much end up getting the wrath of our lovely JQ. For weeks now, he’s been practicing his “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!” by jumping off of our bed and onto the floor.

Back to yesterday, we finally break open the box and honestly, the giddiness and excitement is pretty much out of control. Squealing. Laughing. Pure joy. We get his feet in, slip his arms through and then he says the words that make any mothers heart drop. I. CANT. WAIT. TO. PUSH. THE. BUTTON.!!!!!! Oh, the innocence of a little 3 year old and oh, how his heart broke once he realized although he was dressed as Buzz Lightyear, he would not be flying through the air with the help of a button. Oh, how I love this boy and his excitement for life. He brings so much joy and smiles to my face with his spunky and fun loving personality. 🙂

Today, I’m off to take Buzz to a Halloween party this morning and truck or treat this evening and although he’ll be staying firmly on the ground, if you hear a little man yelling “TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!” it’s just my darling little JQ who is still desperately trying to make his broken costume work. Happy Wednesday!

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