Thankful Times 100.

I’m a listmaker. I make lists for groceries (that I always forget at home..), lists for work projects, lists for bills, lists for my kids, etc. I even made my husband a list of 100 reason I love him during our early days together.

Today, at this time in my life, here’s the things I’m thankful for at a time where I feel so incredibly blessed. I love this day filled with no expectations and nothing but family, good food, football and tons of fun. This year we’ll be doing all of this and I cannot wait. Happy Thanksgiving!

In no particular order, some are funny, yet true and some are serious…

1. My husband, Kirt. Often I ponder how great and perfect Kirt is for me and although we’re opposite and different in many ways, we compliment each other in a way only God could have created. Kirt’s a planner and I’m a jump in and go personality, Kirt’s laid back and easy going and I’m antsy and a perfectionist. He likes watching hockey, I like watching football. I like yardwork, he would rather hire someone. Kirt could just hang out at home all day doing nothing and I’m a busy body who could go-go-go. He likes watching commercials and I always fast forward through them. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Kirt makes me live more in slow motion rather than fast forward, shows me how to enjoy simple and teaches me to be still.
I am so thankful and blessed that I have a husband who is so good to me, who works so extremely hard, who loves hanging out with me, who makes me laugh, is so compassionate, fixes anything and everything, cooks me dinner when I’ve had a rough day, supports me in all I do, and always makes sure I’m taken care of. He’s always willing to help when I’m getting stressed with the kids or with my workload. Whenever I have a crazy project that most people would laugh at, he always takes me seriously and grabs pencil and paper and starts drawing his plans. He loves our kids to death and our kids look at him like he’s the greatest thing ever placed on the planet. He gives them baths, wrestles with them until dark, builds with them, tells them jokes, lays with them in bed when they’re scared and makes them know they’re always loved. I love my husband so much and can’t imagine a day without him.

2. My kids. All. 5. of. them.
a. Sean. He is so compassionate, loving, generous, such a servant and one of the biggest helpers in our crazy household. Yet, I’ve always had to be careful that being the oldest of 5 kids doesn’t take away from his own childhood. In fact, I usually have to find a way for him to get out of this oldest child role and go hang out with his friends and have fun. He randomly does dishes if he sees them in the sink. He picks up toys all the time without me asking. He pursues God and His word constantly all by himself. At 13, he plays with his 3 and 4 year old brother as if they were his best buddies. Sean loves deeper than most people I know. His heart breaks for the poor and needy and I wish I had the selflessness that he always displays. Sean rarely asks for anything and finds great pleasure in the simple things. He’s going to be a great catch someday and an amazing daddy. I’m blessed and so incredibly thankful to be a mom of such an amazing son.
b. Kevin. Kevin is my sweet, yet stubborn child who has this little smirk any mom would die for. Seriously, we could be in the most heated argument or discussion and he cracks this little smile and we both end up laughing our butts off. Kevin is my little puzzle of a child that I am closer and closer to solving everyday. He’s not my emotional child, yet sometimes I think he loves deeper than anyone in this house. He’s laid back like his daddy and takes his time with everything he does. He’s highly creative and super intelligent. Kevin is my child who does one thing and does it well. He can be so confusing, yet in all actuality, he’s so simple. I love that he reads his Bible in the morning all by himself and I love that I can see the change and fruit in his life.
c. Kyla. My only little princess and a princess in our house she is. Kyla is spunky, opinionated and often has her way with the boys under our roof. Because she’s the only girl she’s somewhat the leader of the pack and they all seem to come to her beckoning call. She loves her daddy so much and is always thrilled with her girl time with just me. She handles change better than most her age, yet is a perfectionist. I can almost guarantee a picture or some sort of artwork created by my girl, yet never take a single one for granted. I’m so so thankful I have one little girl with me amongst a houseful of boys.
d. Carter. My super sweet, happy, laid back, funny, and creative little man. He always tells me “You’re so pretty, momma” and is very quick to give a compliment. He’s the kid you want to be around when you’re down in the dump because he will lift you out with sweet little words faster than you could ever imagine. He constantly tells me he loves my dress or outfit, he loves my dinner, he loves something I’ve done in the house, etc. He notices the little things and makes sure to let you know. He’s a lover like none other. He comes up and gives random hugs and kisses for no reason at all. Everyday he says out of the blue, “God and Jesus are the best!”. He’s quick to please others and loves so incredibly hard.
e. Jonah. Oh, my littlest baby. I can’t imagine our house without him. He’s funny yet so serious, loves all things that go, makes the funniest little faces, and is the most thankful and grateful little boy. Everywhere we go, Jonah is picking me flowers and is always so excited to give them to me. He love to dance and the second any song comes on he’s shaking it like none other. He loves music and has been drawn to it since he was a baby. At 3 years old, he is always looking to be held or carried and quite frankly, I love it. And, and am soooo grateful that he is my best sleeper and easily sleeps 3 hours a day for nap still. I love that he’s my baby and makes sure to hold this title high in our house. Jonah’s my momma’s boy through and through.

3. My mom, dad, sister and brother. They’ve all played such a monumental role in my life. I love them all and am thankful for the blessing they are in my life.

4. My friends. I am soooo blessed with so many amazing and great friends. I’m thankful for my newer friends and thankful for my friends who’ve been around from my early years of life. I am thankful I have the best friends in the whole world.

4. My business. One of the most astounding and unbelievable blessings in the past year. What a year it’s been. I am so thankful for the way God has worked in and through this business.

5. The Bible and my relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m a mess without Him. I am thankful for his constant teaching, His mercy, His grace and His love for me, although I am so undeserving.

5. My house.
6. My great neighbors.
7. My church family, leaders, pastors, elders.
8. Good health for our whole family.
9. Coffee. As soon a I get up, knowing that I’m about to embark on some amazing caffeine makes mornings a whole lot better.
10. Football. NFL & College. Even if all of my teams have turned to crap.
11. Fall leaves. We’ve been back from vacation for 2 weeks and I still dream about them. I can’t wait to go see them again next fall!!
12. my iPhone
13. The Internet.
14. My camera. The closest I’ll ever get to freezing time with my way-to-fast-growing kids.
15. Pajama pants. Love them.
16. Our troops who protect us and our country.
17. My bed. My husband picked out our Temperpedic mattress for us almost 7 years ago. I hated it in the beginning. Like, almost cried myself to sleep every night, hated it. After a few months, I grew to love it and now we’re like best friends.
18. Coconut Point and Gulf Coast Town Center.
19. I’m thankful I’ve gotten to travel quite a bit this year. Two cruises, a trip to NJ, PA and NYC, a few vacations at Disney, a sisters weekend in West Palm and some time spent in Fort Lauderdale.
20. Chocolate.
21. Cookies.
22. Facebook.
23. Nicholas Sparks books. Once I start, I can’t stop.
24. I’m thankful to be a work at home mom. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.
25. Bubble baths.
26. My kids all have great teachers this year. Such a blessing.
27. TiVo.
28. Our dog, Benny.
29. Google.
30. The gym. How great that I can work out and get a break from the kids if they’re driving me nuts? We all win.
31. The quiet time I get during the day when Jonah is sleeping.
32. Real Simple magazine.
33. Our front porch. It’s a place I could sit at all day long on a beautiful Florida day.
34. Our deck. My kids pretty much live on it and I can’t imagine our house without it.
35. Our cars, especially since we are no longer paying on them.
36. That my sister just moved to the end of my road and my dad is only 1 street away.
37. Movie theaters.
38. Target.
39. My journal.
40. That my mom always cooks the Thanksgiving dinner.
41. Pedicures.
42. Accountability.
43. Friday night soccer games.
44. Sisterly bonds. She my best friend and I can’t imagine life without a sister.
45. My awesome inlaws. I love Kirts family and always have so much fun with them.
46. Our house.
47. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
48. Music.
49. My education.
50. Publix.
51. electricity.
52. Disney World.
53. Letters or cards in the mail.
54. When people hold doors open.
55. Wisdom.
57. Crewcuts kids clothes.
58. Google Maps.
59. A washer and dryer.
60. Our local police and firemen.
61. Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids.
62. Hugs and Kisses from my kids
63. Rainy days at home.
64. The beach.
65. Cake.
66. Finding someone elses junk and claiming it as my treasure.
67. Outback.
68. Chick-fil-a
69. Texting.
70. my pillow.
71. Airplanes.
72. Love.
73. Patience.
74. My salvation.
75. Freedom.
76. chick flicks.
77. Laughter.
78. Sunsets.
79. Photoshop.
80. The Today Show.
81. Yankee candles.
82. Christmas music.
83. Toiletries…deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.
84. The diamond earrings my husband surprised me with when Jonah was born. I still wear them almost everyday.
85. Twitter.
86. Girls nights.
87. Coaching soccer.
88. Black Friday.
89. She’s true inspiration and someone I highly admire in the business.
90. Encouragement.
91. Hard lessons and experiences.
92. Random acts of kindness.
93. Online news.
94. Jewelry,
95. Picture frames around my house.
96. Water.
97. A plentiful life.
98. My Shootsac.
99. Prayer.
100. I know it’s cheesy, but my blog readers. 🙂 I love to write about what’s going on in my life and with work and knowing that people actually care to read definitely puts a smile on my face. 🙂

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