{Friday Favorites}

– JCrew Pajama Pants. I’ve always loved these, especially in the winter time, but now I just can’t wait to put them on the second I get home, even if it’s 11 o’clock in the afternoon. They’re made so well, yet are still lightweight and super comfy. Thinking back, I think this was one of my favorites awhile back. Somethings are just that good.

– Christmas Tree branches. Weird, I know. Someone told me last year that when you buy your Christmas tree to always grab the branches that they cut off the bottom. I had never done it until this year and gosh, I don’t know why the people don’t tell you this when you buy the tree! I’ve used the branches (trimmed up a bit to make them smaller) as part of center pieces and on side tables around Christmas decor. Not only does it fancy it up a bit but the smell just fills each room so wonderfully. I left the extra branches in my garage, so now I everytime I get in the car I get a big whiff of pine and I just love it. You can bet I’m not throwing these bad boys away anytime soon.

– The iHome. Funny enough, my husband and I both bought each other this for Christmas, totally on accident. I love that I can now play my iPod in my room and it sounds so so great!

– New Years. As sad as I am always to end the chapter of the previous year there is something so refreshing about a new year and new beginnings. 2010 was an amazing year in every aspect and I am so grateful for the wonderfulness of it, knowing that life may not always be so great. It honestly makes me a little nervous to welcome 2011 because the last chapter was just THAT good.

– Honey Cinnamon Almonds by Archer Farms. Everyone should taste this goodness at some point in their life. I love to always have some on hand to throw in a dish and share with visitors. You can find them at Target and you will definitely thank me later.

Happy Friday!

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