What’s in THE Bag?

I remember when I bought my first DSLR and seeing the prices of the high end cameras and lenses and thinking (and probably even saying out loud), “Who is their right mind would spend thousands of dollars on a lens?!”. Well, I quickly learned because that someone just happened to be me.

I’m often asked about the equipment we carry around while shooting a wedding. Let me start out by saying the most amazing equipment DOES NOT necessarily make the most amazing photographer. You know, just like if I had the best tools to paint a picture, I still couldn’t create anything better than my 7 year old daughter. Because truth is, I can’t paint. The amazing tools help, yes, but it’s the person working the tools that create great work.

With that said, when I first started my business, I surely didn’t start with anything fancy. Like, really low end for weddings. A photographer and friend would come over and sit with me, answer my questions and teach me how to work my camera. She was and still is such a blessing for my career (and if you’re reading this, you know who you are, and I THANK YOU greatly). Thankfully, this DSLR  was quickly replaced after my first wedding (yes, all professional photographers are probably laughing at this point) when I was certain this was something I really wanted to take seriously. However, I must say, even though I didn’t have any fancy equipment at my first wedding, the pictures turned out pretty great and the bride was thrilled, which is what mattered most. After the first wedding, I quickly upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark ii and my life has never been the same.

Without further ado…here’s what’s in *my* bag:

Well, this is one of the many bags we carry around on wedding days- my Shootsac. Love, love, love it and can’t imagine NOT having it at a wedding. It’s honestly just as handy as it is cute and it makes my life so much easier when it comes to swapping out lenses.

The zoom- 70-200 2.8L:

This big guy  (and when I say big, I totally mean heavy) is amazing and produces such fantastic and buttery images. I find myself using it more and more, as it’s so unobtrusive and can catch such emotional moments without people even knowing they’re being captured. I use it mainly during ceremonies, but lately find myself pulling it out at the reception quite a bit as well. Here’s a few pictures from Dominic and Jenny’s wedding using the 70-200.

The all-around, 24-70mm 2.8L.

This lens is my baby and probably my camera’s best friend. It was after all, my first professional lens and I’m definitely in love with it more today than I was the first time I used it. I consider it my go-to lens as it’s so versatile and can handle almost any situation flawlessly. If I had to only use one lens during an entire wedding, this would definitely be the one.

The amazing 35mm 1.4L.

This wide angle prime lens is so addicting. Prime lenses are definitely an adjustment, since there is no zoom involved.  As long as you’re getting in the spot you need to be to capture the shot, the primes are just spectacular. The bokeh (more on this another day, but just think the blur in the out of focus areas) this lens can produce is out of this world. Without a doubt, my next lens purchase will end up being another prime.

The Mark ii. The bad boy that I can’t imagine life without. This camera makes all of my other cameras look a little pathetic and is pretty much the reason I have a hard time ever using a little pocket camera. Short and simple, it produces nothing short of stellar. Thank you, Canon.

Of course I have to mention this isn’t truly everything, but it’s the main equipment I use throughout a wedding and on everyday shoots (minus the batteries, memory cards, flashes, etc.). I just have to say I’m glad I’m telling you what’s in this bag, because if I were you tell you what were in my purse, I would be mortified (oh the joys of motherhood…). 🙂

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