{Friday Favorites}

– Bangs. I took the plunge this week and cut myself some bangs. Yes, just me, the scissors and my bathroom. My husband thought the reason I took matters into my own hands was so that I would surely end up at the salon that afternoon. Alas, I was successful all on my own and although I go back and forth a little between liking the bangs and not… I do love having a change!  (Here’s a pic from my iPhone)

– Girls Night Out. Gosh, although being a mother is a full time job, I feel like I never appreciated girls night out as much as I do now that I run a full time business. I work hours and hours and sometimes there is nothing better than a few hours out to dinner with the best girlfriends a girl could have.

– The iPhone app- GeoQpons. If you have an iPhone and like to save money with just the show of your phone, download this today!! Seriously, I use it all the time and the coupons are fab.

– It’s baccckkkk. Yes, I am an absolute sucker for reality TV. Welcome back to my life American Idol (which I am LOVING), Bachelor and Biggest Loser. It definitely makes up for the lack of football in my life for the next 8 months.

– My little first grader. We’re a house of readers- my two older boys are constantly reading, and my husband and myself love a good book (although it doesn’t happen nearly as often as we would like..). Anyway, my little girl has finally caught the reading bug and I couldn’t be more excited. She is constantly begging to make a stop at the library and I often find her reading out loud in her bed during the hours she should be sleeping. I’m a proud momma.

– Many of my facebook friends saw this on my wall this week, but I love it so much it just has to be one of my Friday Favorites. My sister and I are super close and we’ve been this way ever since we’ve “grown up”. I am so thankful to have a sister and because of this relationship I truly wanted one for my daughter. However, this just wasn’t meant to be, BUT I do have 4 boys, which means lots of brotherly love under our roof. I’ve never known if this brother relationship was going to be anything similar to the relationship of sisters, but lately, I’ve been thinking YES. My boys all play so great together, they wrestle each other to the point of tears but moments like this just make me realize they love each other so very much. My sister commented on my facebook pic saying, “By the looks of it, brothers can be farrrr closer than sisters. We surely never layed this close together!”.  As a child, I absolutely REFUSED to sleep in the queen size bed we shared, so it’s looking pretty darn good for the boys.  (iPhone photo below)

I hope your week was wonderful and the weekend is even better! Btw, this post was done courtesy of the WordPress app on the iPhone..how awesome is that!

2 Responses to {Friday Favorites}
  1. Kelly McWilliams
    January 28, 2011 | 8:47 pm

    Um I LOVE the new AI panel. Best season ever.

  2. Nat
    February 4, 2011 | 4:28 pm

    Maria- love the bangs…it quickly reminded me of 8th grade, but with a lot more sophistication! You wear them well! And your hair is SO LONG! I love it.

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