{Friday Favorites}

After a week like this past one, I almost didn’t want to write a Friday Favorites. It’s been a crazy week without internet (again!) and so many things just not going in my favor. I could probably go back to basics this week..wonderful husband, beautiful and healthy kids, a great house and a car that runs. Thankfully, I serve a God that is still so good and gracious despite crappy circumstances. Without further ado, here’s my list of favorites from this week:

– Rainy days. Gosh, they are just so good for the soul…when you can just stay home and watch from the comfort of your bed. I love nothing more than an afternoon nap during a rain storm.

– Friends. Last night I got to text with one of my greatest friends who I miss so terribly much. I want more than anything to hop on a plane to see her but I am thankful to know regardless of distance, I still have a friend who is like a sister. Love you A!

– My hubby watching American Idol with me. We used to watch together years ago but he started to get sick of it and really wanted nothing to do with it. Things have changed this season though and I think he may actually be more into it than I am, and for that I am grateful. We’re having so much fun watching it, choosing our favorites and laughing at the judges. Now..if I could just get him hooked on The Bachelor… (sidenote: I absolutely ADORE  J.Lo on this show. Such a perfect fit.)

– Friends who jump cars and stay for lunch. My car broke down in none other than the Calistoga parking lot this week, and I am so thankful one of my other great friends’ came and jumped my car. Lets be real..we didn’t do it, some sweet, old man did the whole cable thing. However, I did have “how to the jump a car” googled and ready to go on my phone, just in case. After it was back up and running, we got to sit and each lunch together, which was so great and something we haven’t done in ages.

– Lunch with friends, in general. How great that I got to eat lunch out with awesome friends each day this week? On Wednesday, I got to randomly meet up with one of my closest friends for lunch with not only her, but her adorably sweet little new baby. Yesterday, I got to eat with my little boys best buddies, and one of my most awesome friends. I love that she has 4 boys, just like us and that they’re all friends with each other. I truly have the greatest friends…each and everyone of them…in the world.

– My iPhone. Oh how I could not imagine life without it. It has been so helpful while the cable line sits in the canal behind our house. I never want to take the greatness of a smartphone for granted.

– My kids randomly coming up to me and telling me “I love you, mom.” Priceless and fills my heart each and every time.

This week sounds a little depressing but I love how my circumstances this week have truly put my most favorite things into perspective- family, friends, technology & food. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Amy
    February 11, 2011 | 11:58 am

    I never thought I’d get my hubby to watch the bachelor. Somehow this season he started watching with me! Be patient… he may come around. 🙂

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