{Friday Favorites}

– Starbucks House Blend Coffee. I know I’ve probably listed this one before but it seems this week my coffee has either been extra needed or extra gooood. And, only because she likes to be named in my blog posts, and considering she got me hooked on coffee just one year ago, full credit goes to my lovely sister, Alicia.

– Remember last week how I mentioned the beginning on my Spring yard cleaning and redoing? Well, last weekend I did some of it and can’t help but smile everytime I pull into the driveway now. Hopefully, it still looks this way, but only fuller, this time next year. If I were you though, I’d bet against me.

BEFORE (I’m almost embarrassed to include this):


– I love that my dad and sister’s houses are both within one street of me and my family. This past week our family went out for a bike ride, to enjoy this gorgeous weather, and we decided to stop and see if Boppa (my dad) was home. What started as a family bike ride quickly became an even better night as we chatted on the patio and watched the kids play by the lake, all while devouring girl scout cookies. I won’t tell you who ate the most, but I can say the night was absolute perfection.

– My hammock. I have spent at least a few minutes pretty much everyday this week just relaxing in the hammock. Our weather doesn’t get any more perfect than it is right now and I’m trying my best to soak it all in before the humidity and heat start rolling in.

– American Idol. My favorites are Jacob, Josh, Lauren, Pia, Scotty, Thia, Stephano, Casey…forget it, I really love almost all of them. Best performance this week, in my opinion, goes to Pia though. She was insane! Oh, and favorite judge award goes to J.LO. She’s such a perfect fit for the show!

– Local favorite, Tropical Smoothie with 2 of my favorite people. Love Tropical Smoothie, love my sister and love litle J (Jonah, who now wants to be called “J” for short..funny boy). Perfection. So perfect, we met there twice this week.

At lunch today:

I just have to say all the pictures above are taken with my handy iPhone. I’d be mortified if anyone thought they came out of my baby Mark ii (the real camera)! I hope you all have a great weekend! Mine is filled with photoshoots, family and fun. Can’t wait!

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