They’re Baaaaacckkk: {Friday Favorites}

After a few months hiatus, and numerous people asking why I stopped, I figured I would get back into the routine of listing my favorites of the week. Ready, set, here we go- in no particular order…

1. Sephora. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this store. Find something you want to try in the store, but don’t want to spend the $$$ without knowing you’ll love it? Ask them for a sample jar to go. How awesome is that?! Also, if you end up not liking whatever you purchase, you can return the empty bottle for a complete refund!

2. Summertime. Beach, movies, the pool, books, lots of time with our friends and endless time with my kids. I am simply, LOVING the laziness of summer.

(iphone photo)

3. Kyla’s gymnastics. She started 6 months ago and has already moved up to a level 5/6 ( which translates to 4 days a week, 3-4.5 hours each day). We are continually impressed every single week as she learns and masters new skills. Yesterday, she got her kip on the bars and she is absolutely ecstatic about it. Kyla absolutely loves it and we are so, so proud of her. Hopefully, I’ll have video to post next week!

4. Paint! We finally painted our living room after pretty much turning an eye to it for the past 7 years. It was a darker red so the task of painting the room was extremely overwhelming and we tried to do whatever we could to just make do with the color. We decided on a wet cement, greyish, brown color and although it took some getting use to, it’s now my new fave sitting place in our house. How great that a few hundred dollars can totally change a house- I love paint!

Before (furniture had already started being moved):


It only took us about 10 hours (the living room and kitchen are a big open room together) and I ask myself everyday why we waited so long. After:


We also painted our dining room (it was a green color before):



5. I’ve been loving my quiet time with the Lord this week. It truly is amazing how different my day is if I spend a little bit of the morning in the Word. I also came across this article this week and I think it’s a great read for ANY mother (or father) out there:

6. Words with friends. It never gets old and the competitive person in me takes it oh so seriously. Let’s play: MGlassford5.

Happy Friday! I’m off to take my little ones on a Winnie the Pooh movie date. 🙂


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