New Year, New Goals.


We’re already 4 days in and my brain seems to be going about a million miles and hour trying to narrow down my 2012 goals. Since I’m a list-maker, combined with what most would consider a ridiculous amount of competitiveness, there’s something way more motivating about making a written out list of these goals for the new year. Ya know, because being able to cross or check something off a list just gives me a sense of accomplishment. I should probably be clear just in case my husband reads this, this list making just doesn’t seem to work when it comes to laundry (which he graciously does for me), cleaning or the like.

Here’s a few of my 2012 goals I’ve created for myself.

– Family first. I need to be more diligent in putting my family first…even when I’m in great need of a date with my computer.

– Read more.

– Put myself in more uncomfortable situations in every area of life (who makes goals like this?!).

– Pray more.

– Stop comparing myself to others. I’ve never really been one to do this…but I notice myself doing it way too much in this business.

– Quality over quantity.

– Be a better and more consistent blogger.

– Keep a work journal. I keep a personal journal but I want to really use a work journal, where I solely write about work, mistakes I can learn from, things I want to change and the things I’m proud of. I know it’ll be useful and purposeful for later.

Because every blog post is better with a picture, I leave you with little Naomi (or NJ for short). My BFF of over 15 years is down with her fam so they stopped over yesterday for a belated Christmas session an early Valentines shoot.

Unfortunately, NJ doesn’t respond to bribery and she was more interested in the grass than the camera. Therefore, when all else fails, we can almost always rely on the trustworthiness of a dog…who knows exactly what the word treat means.


Happy Wednesday!

PS. Today is most definitely one of those days where I am sooo glad I can stay in my pajama pants, under my covers, while drinking coffee, and blogging. And yet, it’s still entirely too cold for my Florida blood. Hopefully though, this means scarves, boots and the like can make an appearance in today’s outfit!



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