The Game of Sorry.

I never thought a game of Sorry with my children could possibly create as many tears, as much heartbreak and as much fun at the same time. In all seriousness, it’s one thing to play a game where we’re each just moving along the board on our own (ie. Candyland) and it’s a whole other thing to play a game like Sorry, where you have to strategically kick people off their hard earned spot and send them back home. And by strategically, I don’t necessarily mean those who actually benefit you to win but those you may be, let’s just say, less thrilled with.

After playing the game yesterday, and sitting there in awe of the roller coaster of emotions I had just experienced with my children, I have quickly come to realize each of them has learned how to be insanely competitive, courtesy of yours truly. Awesome.

Truth me told, emotions ran so high, my sweet little 4 year old quit halfway through out of pure devastation. After laughingly hearing the words SORRRRYYY in his face about 5 times, he was just done and made a quick exit (tears and all) for his bed. I’m thinking the amount of life lessons everyone learned yesterday during our hour long (yes, HOUR LONG.) game were enough to cover us for 2012. Today, for my sanity, we’re off to accomplish the huge floor puzzle of the United States.

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