Friday Favorites

I’ve been missing the blogging world lately and as days seem to be passing before my eyes, it makes me realize how much I *want* to be recording life. I don’t want to forget these fleeting and precious moments, but alas the days tend to blur together and I know if I don’t use the wonderful world wide web, I’ll forget about moments I so treasured. With that said, Im hoping, really, really hoping I get on here on a more consistent basis!

I can’t think of a better way to start than a new edition of Friday Favorites….

– Easter Sunday. I love Easter. The hope, the freedom, the gift, and the celebration of our wonderful and glorious Savior. I can’t help but reflect on what Jesus did for us and the gift of salvation He has given to us through his death, burial and resurrection. To think His final days in flesh were spent in prayer, showing love and kindness, washing his disciples feet, serving others; and although He was perfect, He faced the death of a criminal and was still obedient through the last second as he died on the cross. Gosh, it makes me realize how far I am from looking like Jesus in my daily walk, yet my heart is full with joy knowing I have a God that loves me despite myself!

{“Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?” John 18:11. I am undeserving of everything and anything and am so thankful for the promise of eternity and the truth we have been gifted through Jesus!!}

– The pool, the beach…the Florida sun. We’ve been soaking it all up and enjoying our beautiful weather by spending many hours by the water. It’s been heavenly.

– Oh you thought I could possibly do a FF and not mention some sort of food? Breyers Cookies and Cream (with the blast of Oreos) has been a recent fave in our freezer.

– Amazing Clients. Thanks Janell for the Wedding Wire review. It means more than words and I am so, so appreciative you took the time to write this sweet review.

– My kids. I fall more in love with them with each passing day….

Happy Friday and Happy Easter!

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