My Baby is 5!

Happy Birthday Jonah!!!! How is it even possible that it’s been 5 years since my Jonah was born? FIVE. As in, a whole hand and a whole lot of days we’ve shared together to get to this point, in what seems like an instant. Although, I sadly can’t remember every memory and every day, I know without a doubt we’ve had more laughter, more joy, more fun and more love with this little man in our family.

A few things I currently love about my Jonah boy…

– He always has his clothes on inside out…or backwards. It’s inevitable, and I love it.

– He’s a people pleaser. He never wants to make his mommy or daddy upset.

– He never tests the limits and is full of caution.

– His favorite ride at Busch Gardens is the carousel…and any other slow ride.

– He loves riding his bike.

– He loves to play Playdough.

– He’s simple.

– He could play board games all day long.

– He insists on a book before bed every single night. Even if it’s way too late.

– He has a pure passion and incredible love for music…and always has.

– He wants to play the guitar.

– He was my hardest baby (by far) and my easiest child.

– He’s shy, nervous, and quiet. Until you know him.

– He loves his sleep.

– His nicknames are JQ (for Jonah Quinton), Jo, JoJo and J. He answers to them all.

– He actually asks me to take pictures of him.

– He is super modest.

-He loves to pray (and every time his eyes are squeezed shut and his hands are folded….both of them, as hard as he possibly can).

-He always wants me to sleep with him for a few minutes after I tuck him in.

– He brushes his teeth and does his hair every morning without me asking.

– He is athletic and has some crazy speed behind his little legs!

– He loves preschool and is always so proud to get through the day without crying.

– He’s sensitive.

– His birthday list this year consisted of a bike helmet, a toothbrush and a tree. My sister insists he’s turning 85, instead of 5.

– He loves to love.

Every birthday I instantly turn into a ball of emotions, not really knowing wether to be happy, sad, excited or confused.  I’m excited for him to be 5 and yet sad that he is growing into a big boy more and more by the day. I can’t get days back with Jonah and while he is 5, I want to soak up every ounce of him, treasuring each passing second, knowing it’s truly a gift.

We are so grateful the Lord blessed us with you, sweet, handsome boy!! And what a unbelievable blessing you are. Jonah, you are such a joy to us and we are so honored to be your parents. Happy Birthday Jonah- we love you so, so much!!!

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