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2013 Mini Sessions


Our 2013 mini session dates are here and we are so, so looking forward to another great time of capturing great families! Sessions are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis. Also, so many have asked for a beach session so we’re giving in and holding our sessions on November 17th at Bowditch Point (the north end of Fort Myers Beach). Email us at, letting us know which date you desire. We will get in contact and have everyone scheduled with their time within 48 hours. To officially book your scheduled time, a $50 deposit is required, with the remaining balance due at the beginning of your session.

Also, we are glad to announce that 10% off all session fees will be donated to Stella Fraterelli, along with 25% of all products. Stella and her family were a part of our mini sessions last year and we want these proceeds to bless them during the Christmas season. Here’s a photo of this sweet girl that was taken back in April (shortly after her diagnosis), when I visited her at the hospital.

Friday Favorites: It’s Homecoming Day!

I have a crazy busy day ahead but I wanted to fit in a quick little blog with the absolute highlight of my day. Dear friends of ours, John and Kelly, adopted Jade, a beautiful 2 year old little girl from China a week and a half ago, and they arrive back home this afternoon. Jade is coming home to her family that consists of her big sister, Maddie, big brother Drue,  her oldest sister, Lauren (who is one of my fabulous second shooters!! : )), who is married to Bill and together, they have baby Selah. Oh, how Jade will be so incredibly loved!!

(L-R: Maddie, Drue, Kelly, John, Lauren (carrying baby Selah), and Bill)

Ever since they had a heart for adoption, I have always told Kelly that I would be at the airport, capturing that precious moment as they walk off the plane and into the arms of their closest friends and family. Today, is finally that day. To read more about their journey for Jade- check out their blog HERE. God is so good, so faithful and so loving and seeing His work as He purposefully knitted this little girl to her forever family has been astounding!!! It has been a true blessing watching them on this journey. Seriously, 3pm cannot come soon enough!!! Happy, happy, joyous Friday!! : )

Professional Prints vs. The Retail 60-Minute Lab

Last week out of urgency to have an image printed, I decided to do a quick upload through a local retailers’ one hour lab. As a photographer, this was the only one hour retail lab I said I would ever use, when in dire need. I didn’t even bother to check the 4×6’s and 5×7’s before leaving but when I got home and opened the envelope, my jaw literally hit the floor. My children looked like grey ghosts.

I’ve seen other photogs comparison pictures of “why never to order through walmart, etc.,” but when I saw first hand how distorted the coloring of a photo can be, it became so much more “real”. I immediately went to my professional lab to order the exact same images for comparison. How excited I was when FedEx knocked on my door this morning to drop off these pictures. It doesn’t take an expert, photographer, or genius to figure out how poor of quality and lack of detail the retail print is in comparison to the professional print.

Now granted, I just snapped side by side pictures of the photographs for quick comparison, but I’m excited to have these in my office so people can see first hand the difference in quality- paper and all. Happy Wednesday!!

{ Little Sidenote: I totally understand the desire to want to order your prints (whether they’re one you’ve taken or images provided by your photographer) without going through a professional company. One of my favorite online retail companies is, and they come highly recommended. Plus, they’re quick and really don’t cost any more than a local one hour retailer! }

MGP 2011 Mini Shoots!

Many people have been asking about mini session dates, locations, etc. and here they are! There are only a few time slots left, so get in before it’s too late! Happy Wednesday!

Katie & Luis: Waiting On Greyson

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting, getting know and working with Katie and Luis as I captured their amazing wedding (which you can view here). In fact, I liked Katie so much I brought her onboard MGP and she is now the creative assistant, doing everything from editing to second shooting. You could say Luis helps Katie in this department too because (just like my husband) he has no problem critiquing any picture that comes his way. 🙂 Truly though, I am so grateful for all she does and her willingness to not only succeed, but do anything to exceed my expectations. I am blessed to call her my friend and I am so excited to watch her role as mother begin!

In just a few short weeks, or really any day for that matter, they will be welcoming their little man- Greyson- into this world and I am absolutely thrilled for them. I know they are going to make wonderful parents as they raise this precious boy in the ways of the Lord. I remember reading an article by John Piper where he talks about being coronary Christians rather than adrenal Christians and I think this is so vital when it comes to parenthood. There are days when we don’t want to serve our children or have patience with them, but as a coronary Christian we have to be reminded that it’s not about comfort but rather the cause. Anyway, here is a little snippet from Piper’s article and I pray it encourages you the way it does me, regardless of role:

“I am glad for adrenaline; I suspect it gets me through lots of Sundays. But it doesn’t do much for Mondays. I am more thankful for my heart. It just keeps on serving – during good days and bad days, happy and sad, high and low, appreciated and unappreciated. It never lets me down. It never says, “I don’t like your attitude, Piper, I’m taking a day off.” It just keeps humbly lubb-dubbing along.

Coronary Christians are like the heart in the causes they serve. Adrenal Christians are like adrenaline – a spurt of energy and then fatigue. What we need in the cause for the unborn is coronary Christians. Marathoners, not just sprinters. People who find the pace to finish the (life-long) race.

O, for coronary Christians! Christians committed to great Causes, not great comforts. I pleaded with you to dream a dream bigger than you and your families and your churches. I tried to un-deify the American family and say that our children are not our cause; they are given to us to train for the great causes of mercy and justice in a prejudiced, pain-filled, and perishing world.”

Luis and Katie, I am THRILLED for you guys and cannot wait to meet your little Greyson!


It’s Finally Time…Spring Session Giveaway!!!

First of all, THANK YOU so much for getting me to 500 facebook fans!! You guys ROCK!!! If you haven’t become a fan yet, join here.

So, here’s the deal, one lucky winner will receive an hour long session, anywhere in Southwest Florida. If you don’t live in the Fort Myers/Naples area, keep reading, because you can transfer it to someone who does!! The winner will receive an 8×10 double matted print of their choice, 2 5×7’s and a disk, with rights, of their images from the shoot. Your shoot can be whatever you wish- family, children, newborn, maternity, senior, engagement, bridal, etc. It’s your hour, and your choice!

Entering is simple! Just leave a comment on the blog (there is a comment section following each blog post) and you are automatically entered. One entry per person, BUT if you would like a second entry, thereby doubling your chances of winning, just Tweet about this contest on Twitter, post it as your Facebook status or mention it on your blog and you will be entitled to a second entry. Just be sure to include the link in your announcement of the giveaway and then email me ( to let me know where you posted it. It gets better than this though. If you win the giveaway and have a double entry (by forwarding this giveaway on, per the above mentioned methods), you will win a shoot for not only yourself, but also a shoot for you to giveaway to anyone you wish. Therefore, if you win and have two entries, you win two shoots!! Mother’s Day is coming and this would be a nice little treat for any mom!!

Just a few more things…
The winner will be chosen by on May 5th, contacted by email and announced on this blog. Prize has no cash value and no substitutions can be made. Sessions are scheduled based on availability, but typically planned 2-3 weeks in advance. We will not sell, use or share your email address with anyone. If you have any questions or need clarification of this contest, please feel free to email me at Good luck!!

Shoot for the Sun.

Growing up with a camera in hand, I cannot even tell you the countless times I heard “make sure your back is to the sun when your taking pictures”. It seemed to be the rule of thumb and just the right way to get the right lighting so everyone’s faces were shadow-free, well lit and often times nice and squinty. As a soccer coach, I get the priviledge of sitting through a photo session with each team in the fall and I’m pretty sure I don’t have a picture to date where you can actually see my eyes opened. So, just call me rebellious, or better yet stubborn (which I am.) because I am a sun shooter and I absolutely love it. Each session and each wedding my favorite pics are almost always the ones where I shot with the sun somewhat glaring into my lens, creating in my opinion, the most gorgeous flare. Anyway, with that said, don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with it. These two pics were taken the other day and obviously little Emma is adorable (even with her most serious of faces) but I just can’t go without noticing the individual rays of His light that were captured in each pic. The Bible says in the very beginning God gave us light and He saw that light was good. I truly pray His light radiates in me and all I do, as I strive to bring glory to His name.

Psalm 113:3 From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.

It’s Raining Models.

There’s much to be said about friendships. I have best friends I’ve known pretty much my whole life and then I have best friends I’ve made in the past few years. I treasure each and everyone of them and I love the different relationship with each one.  Over the past 4 years, my friend Ali has turned from an aquaintance, to someone I saw every week at playgroup, to a best friend who is like my second sister.  One of my favorite things about Ali is her living each day to the fullest and the determination she has regardless of circumstances. I love that she has no fear to skip naptime, just so we can have a little more fun that day; or her ability to pick up and meet somewhere with no notice or premade plans.  So, with a little bit of Ali’s spontinaity, we ended up here…

… my best friend and I braved the pouring rain (P O U R I N G) to take the kids for a little photoshoot. Who wouldn’t love a photoshoot in the rain, with 8 kids and 2 adults? I got there a little before Ali to attempt a Christmas card pic of my kids (success) and then waited for her to arrive. As the kids and I are sitting on the porch of a house, the rain starts coming (like cats and dogs). Sure enough, that doesn’t stop Ali. The kids were troopers though, waiting patiently under shelter, splashing in the puddles, eating candy and counting down the minutes until their lunch break.  Overall the day was a huge success. I got some shots I just adore of her girls. Seriously, model material.