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Alana is ONE!

I may totally be speaking for myself, but I often don’t realize how much can change in 6 months. Life just goes on, day by day, and then all of a sudden you question, “when did this change” or “how did this happen” or “when and how did my baby get so big”. I know as a mom, the latter is so often the question. At bible study today a lady said something to the extent of “Life just gets in the way of the daily”. How true that is. I truly want to be a person who values each day to the fullest extent and even better, each hour and minute. How am I spending my time? Resolution #1 for 2011…hoping to be a wiser time spender this year!

Yesterday, I had the honor of getting to spend a little time with Miss Alana on one of the biggest days of her little life. Her First Birthday! The last time I saw Alana was just a little past her 6 month birthday. Back then she was this little girl who sat where you put her and now she’s an opinionated little princess who loves to go, go, go, eat grass and wear the fanciest jewels she can find. Not only that but I think she’s even more adorable than she was last time, if that’s even possible. Doesn’t her precious little face just melt you!? I won’t even get started on her eyes…dark hair+blue eyes=one of my favorite combos!

Happy First Birthday Alana!!! You are a doll and I am so grateful I got hang out with you on such a special day!